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N-7 Walton Native Series Fly Rods


Just like with our C-9 Series rods, the N-7 (Native 7-foot) has been created to go after fish where a typical 9-foot rod won’t always work. As a 7ft small water masterpiece. Using the same proprietary high modulus IM7 blanks and same built in taper as our C-9, this medium action rod has been scaled down to get into places that are just hard to reach.

Here is a great video featuring the N-7 in action catching wild Costa Rican rainbow trout in the jungle.

More Native Series rods are on the horizon, but for now, the small water rod will be your choice when casting conditions are tight and the dry fly bite is on. The same USA craftsmanship and lifetime warranty Walton Rods is known for will make this rod high on your list of favorite rods in your collection.


(Pricing – includes metal tube)



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