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Ultimate Inshore Saltwater Fly Assortment (48 Flies Total)


Truly this is a one-of-a-kind fly assortment! It contains incredible saltwater flies to help your next trip be a success. The flies included can be used to target tarpon, snook, redfish, bonefish, and much more. 

A list of the files included:

3 - Bushy Poon Tarpon Flies

3 - Foxy Deceivers Chartreuse/Yellow, Blk/Red, and Pink/White

3 - Craft Fur Minnows Barred Green/Yellow

3 - Classic Cockroach Tarpon Flies 

3 - Poppin Flats Shrimp Olive

3 - Crafty Redfish Sliders

3 - Classic Spawning Shrimp 

3 - Hippy Shrimp

3 - Hippy Grass Shrimp

3 - Drum Runners 

3 - Baby Craft Fur Minnow Barred Green/White

3 - Baby Craft Fur Minnow Barred Orange/Tan

3 - Saltwater Minnow Grey/White

The assortment comes in a two-sided fully waterproof box from Sight Cast Fishing Company.





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